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Our Ceramic Coating Process and Application

We use C.quartz UK ceramic coating after trying more then 50 brands. Our customers feedback on ceramic coating and paint protection job is overwhelming. No matter how good product is been used protect your car, it will make no difference, if the vehicle is not been preped properly prior to the ceramic coating application. Good products makes a huge difference in the gloss and durability but if the job is done professionally. 

Our team is higly skilled and expericnced to handle any kind of vehicle, when it come to the vehicle paint protection and interior protection. Check out below images of some of the vehicles we have worked on. 


Our process involves Inspection, decontamination of the paint, remove fine diffects, polishing, paint correction and IPA treatment then final inspection before we are ready to apply ceramic coating to the vehicle. 

Even if it is a brand new car, it has many diffects, swirls, minor scratches and contamination! Before dealership delivers the brand new car to customers, they wipe or wash the cars which sometimes makes fine scratches. The time between the car gets built and gets dilivered to the buyer is some time many months. During this period car gets dusty and gets washed and clean many times and it gets fine diffects, which customers can’t see at the time when they pick up the car from the dealership, because it has been waxed to hide diffects and to make it look glossy. 

When we proffesinally wash the car and perform deconatamination treatement of the pain, all the diffects are visible and we make sure they have been removed before we apply ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating job can take from 6 hours to 20 hours depending on the condition of the car. When car is more then 6 months old, it requried full paint correction and exterior detail and full interior detail if we are doing interior protection too. 

Our price is very resonable and qulity is supreme. So don’t give your car for the ceramic coating to some cheap car wash who just gives a quick wash to the car and applys the ceramic coating, just to save couple of hundrade $$. We give you best quality and value for the price you are paying to us. So make a call now and inquire about our different range of ceramic coationg. We offer 3 years, 5 years and 9 years paint protection guarantee!!!

Some of Our Work

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