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Frequently Asked Questions To Mayani Automotive And Hallam Car Detailing.

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What engine oil should I use in my car?

You can use Owner’s Manual to find out what oil goes in your car. It may sometime say different types of oil denpeding on where you live, whether hot or cold climate.  Owner’s  Manual recommeds the oil specified by car manufacturer, but main thing is to use right thickness and viscosity of the oil, for your car’s engine.

Should I do $99 cheap service to my car?

There are lots of mechanics do cheap services for $90 to $110. Mayani Automotive strongly do not recommend cheap service. You should always use good quality oil and oil filter for you car’s engine or you may face issues like over heating, engine head gasket blow out and damage spark plugs and much more. Also sevice does not mean just changing oil and oil filter but it is lot more, even if it is a minor service.

When should I replace my car battery?

Standerd car battery usually lasts 3 to 5 years depending on usage and hot or cold weather. It is always good idea to keep an eye out for battery power is declining. If your headlights starts dimming or dash board lights fliking, it is a sign of battery power is declining, and it is due for a battery replacement.

What areas Mayani automotive is serving to?
When should I get tyre rotation?

Tyres needs to be rotated every 10000 to 120000km because tyres gets more wears on a specific areas then another. If you get tyres rotation, it will be wear evenly and tyres will last long.

What services do you provide?

Mayani Automotive and Car Detailing provides all car mechanical repairs and diagnostic services including tyres, battery, brack repair, clutch repair, radiators and minor electrical car services, Suspesion, car minor service, major service, log book service, car safety checks, car dianostics and car pre-purchase inspection.

We also provide proffessional car detailing including cut and polish, full detail, steam cleaning, seats cleaning, ceramic coating – paint proteciton, and general car cleanig.


If I get log book service done with you, will my new car warrenty be void?

No. If you get log book service done with us, it will not void your car warranty. Log book service is the service scheduled specified by the car manufacturer. It is necessary to get  your car serviced on time as specified in your logbook to maintain your car warranty. You don’t need to go to vehicle manufacturer’s service center or dealership to maintain the warranty. We are using genuine or similar quality parts and oil to maintain your warranty. We do log book service to manufacturer’s service standard. We go above and beyond to make sure your car is safe on road and is in top condition. We notify our customers with the quote if it needs any extra work done.

I want to detail my car. Do I need to make an appointmet?

If you didn’t get a chance make an appointment you can alway call us on last moment and check if we have a spot available. But it is a good idea to make an appointment in advance, so we can justify each job and we can give enough time to each job. Also, when you get a car serviced with us, we give a Free car wash, and with a major car service we give a Free car wash and interior clean.